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About Sridhara

India is a country with high cooking oil consumptions.
25 years of Industry experience has enabled us to meet umpteen manufacturers and traders who claim to deal with oil. These oil manufacturers which swear by there economic feasibility cannot claim so in the purity diaspora because of the adulteration the oil goes through in the process of being pocket friendly, and oil which is pure can never come at a lesser price. But is it really so?
Our perception of pure oil is dictated by its transparency and fluidity. But its a wrong notion. Choosing wrong oil for edible consumption can lead to health hazards beyond our understanding.
Keeping these things in mind the company found its purpose in manufacturing oil which is pure, healthy and economically feasible.

The brand Shridhara goes by the Indian philosophy of

"Sarva Guna Sampann"

1. Its Vitamin A and D fortified
2. It contains Oryzanol
3. Comes at variable packaging options which make it cost effective.
4. High on quality
5. Agmark Approved
6. Last but not the least it doesn't compromise on the taste that India has been used to in its proud heritage of cuisines and cultures.